We source from and partner with world leading manufacturers, providing every element you require, whether it be essentials for your kitchen, fixtures and fittings, flooring or tiles and surfaces to finish your kitchen or home.

Schüller is among the top 5 German kitchen furniture manufacturers. In 10 years, turnover has more than doubled, the number of employees has constantly increased and the production capacity has doubled!

We do more than just build kitchens. Going above and beyond is our daily endeavour. For us, kitchens are not just products but the history and future of our company.

We remain true to ourselves, just as we remain true to our home town – the Franconian town of Herrieden – and its people, for whom we are a reliable employer. But what really makes us who we are is the fact that, as an independent family business, reliability and commitment are a part of our day-to-day life for all of those who work for and alongside us.

High-quality materials, innovative product developments and timeless design make next125 what it is. The company has won several awards thanks to this.

Sustainable rather than wasteful, timeless rather than short-lived, conscientious rather than careless: is more than just a phrase for us – We are committed to making an active contribution to environmental protection through commitment to the region: through responsible production, the use of recyclable materials, and extensive investments in innovative, environmentally sound and efficient processes. After all, quality for us also means quality of life. We strike out in new directions and build kitchens meeting the highest design standards: with optimum value for money. Because the room for cooking is more. It is expression and a reflection of lifestyle, of needs.

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